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I noticed recently that the full page cache for category pages isn't getting updated. There are two 'expires' setting you can configure in W3 Total Cache, one is the static page cache on your server, the other is the browser cache settings that the browser will use to decide whether to use a local cache for a page, or to re-request that page from the server.Other pages seem to work fine (home, posts, etc) but categories cache files stay untouched for days until I manually rm -rf them. Using caching on your website is possibly the most effective way to decrease loading times of your web pages and bring content to your visitors quickly.Word Press has an abundance of cache plugins freely available to help you increase performance throughout all aspects of your Word Press website.The more complex these caching solutions become, the more cache issues people can stumble across.In this article, we’ll take a look at what caching options are available to you.We’ll also walk you through solutions that will help you overcome cache issues you might have on your website.

In general, you can cache a variety of aspects of your Word Press website: When it comes to cache issues on your website, browsers can also play a part.

Each browser has its own independent cache as well.

This helps serving website pages to you in as little time as possible.

Clearing this cache is still a simple process however, you just have to be sure you’re clearing the correct elements of the cache.

To have full control over what elements you’re deleting you can follow one of the browser-specific solutions below. You can then choose which elements of your browser cache to delete.

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