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"I always tell people maybe I started doing comedy because I talked to myself for a really long time." Having female idols in the industry gave Carly the confidence to pursue her career.

"Nooo, I didn't talk to anybody in school," Carly answered.

The tell-it-how-it-is comedian best known for dishing out advice on MTV's Girl Code gave News Fix the rundown of the law of the ladies! "...cheating, ex-boyfriends, friends, waxing." Guess growing up in the Big Apple will naturally breed a big personality, right?

"As far as women, I think the legend is Joan Rivers," Carly added.

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Which is kind of ironic, because that hasn’t necessarily changed since I was a teenager (Laughs). A: I was 21 when I first started doing stand-up, so it’s been about five years.I’ve wanted to do it for so long but never had the nerve to.Getting up on stage for the first time is the scariest part, and then it was like, “Alright, at least I know what I’m getting myself into.” Q: How do you work to expose “Girl Code” to a bigger audience, especially now when there’s so much content and entertainment that wants our attention?A: “Girl Code” was on MTV for a few years, and now it’s on Snapchat. I do think social platforms are taking off in a different way.People are watching things on their phones more often now.

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