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What do you do during a snow storm when some employees feel highways are not safe to travel on and do not want to leave work and yet some do?Is it an employer’s responsibility to provide a place of refuge in case an employee feels it is unsafe to travel the highways home?If someone doesn’t feel safe leaving work because of road conditions, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t allow them to remain on your premises, unless there’s a security issue in doing that.What’s the alternative — turning them out into the streets and forcing them to drive in possibly unsafe conditions when they don’t want to? Let people stay if they want to, unless there’s a specific reason why that’s unworkable.(And if there really is a legitimate reason you can’t let them stay but they don’t want to drive, a really great employer will help them make other arrangements — whether it’s having someone with four-wheel drive help transport people, local hotels, or whatever.)Is there any way to professionally ask to work from home for a few days in a row, without going too much into the reason why with my boss?My fiancée and I are in a bad place, talking about splitting up, and I can’t stop crying.It’s going to be very hard to sit at my desk at work (tried it yesterday and had to go out to my car for long periods, ended up leaving early to see a therapist).My typical schedule is working from home one day a week, so it’s not unheard of on our team to be remote.

I want to keep working as much as I can this week, and I have limited sick leave (which I’ll take if I can’t gracefully find a way to ask about working remotely this week). If you’re comfortable with it, I think it’s reasonable to say, “I’m dealing with something difficult in my personal life right now and having some trouble acting like everything is fine.

Would it be okay if I worked from home for the next few days?

” (Ideally your boss will just say that she hopes everything is okay and won’t pry, but if she does ask what’s going on, it’s fine to say something vague like, “Just a difficult personal situation, but I’m trying to work it out.”) If you can’t imagine saying that to your boss, I tend to think that the phrase “under the weather” covers situations like this one (you’re emotionally under the weather, after all). My office is having us compete for “perks” by working extra time I work for an online state university that acts more like a private for-profit university in terms of “selling” registration.

For instance, it would be reasonable to say something like, “I’m under the weather but want to keep being productive — would it be okay for me to work from home today and tomorrow? We have our busiest registration period coming up and as advisors/call center reps, our bosses want us to get hyped to work the busy, stressful month.

To do this, our bosses have split us up into teams and are giving us tokens to redeem for work perks.

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