Updating phpbb

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This tutorial explains how to update php BB style without using any version control system (tedious, but easy to understand way).For purpose of this tutorial I'll demonstrate how to update customized version of style "Basic" to latest version.A while ago you have downloaded style "Basic", version 1.0.5.

No problem, you can find out version number by looking in your custom style's (unless you have changed version number there for some weird reason).

In you'll see something like this: Next you need to unpack all those style in separate directories.

Unpack Basic 1.0.5's zip file and Basic 1.0.6's zip file to "basic_1.0.5" and "basic_1.0.6" directories.

So now you have 3 directories: Win Merge is easy to download and install - just click link above and follow instructions. In application menu select XCode - You need to compare directories "basic_1.0.5" and "basic_1.0.6".

After installing Win Merge open it and follow instructions in next section of this tutorial. On your Mac open App Store, find "XCode", download and install it. In File Merge click "Left" button, open "basic_1.0.5" directory (or drag it to left field from Finder), click "Right" button and open "basic_1.0.6": Then click "Compare". Click any directory to see list of files inside that directory.

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