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Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. La Cour a decider que Suivant Les Deposition qui ont Eté fait Contre Le Dit Demendeur quil Sera pris et arrêté et Mis En prison pour que Sous huit Jour il aye a donner Des preuve plus grande du Contraire de ce dont il Est taxé, faute de quoy il Sera fait une Semblé de Juré pour Decider Son affaire. Le deffendeur dit quil Etoit Convenu de donner au demendeur une Ecus de retour Seulement. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. une Lettre adressé en Cour par M^ Ducharme Signe ch Gratiot qui demende que La Cour ne termine aucune affaire Contre Luy avant Son retour. Les deux partie Setant offert Lun et Lautre de prêter Serment, et nayant aucun témoin La Cour Les a renvoyé a payer La moitié chac'un Des fraix. A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. On account of the report and testimony which have been given In Court about the evil-intentioned savages, the Court decreed that the officers of the militia shall give orders that there be made a general inspection of all houses to see if everybody has arms in condition and the necessary ammunition for defence, if occasion arises, and that orders be given to those, who have neither, to provide themselves therewith without any excuse, because, to all appearances, there are in the neighborhood of the village nations who are holding hostile talks and are very evilly disposed, according to the report of some other savages. fr Saucier porteur D'un de Ses Billet a demender a la Cour COURT RECORD, SEPTEMBER, 1780 67 the Court that the defendant prove that which he accuses him of having done. et Le Demendeur a perdre La moitié de Ce quil demande pour La monture du fusil. Du Charme presd* La Cour Etant Encore assemblé, et a pris Le Serment des Douze Juré qui ont Eté nomé Comme il a Eté accordé a une Cour^ du 14® du present pour Juger Laffaire Entre Brison et ange et ont a Linstant demendé que Les declaration fait a ce Sujet Leur Soit Lue Ce quau même moment a Eté fait et ont appres Le tout Bien Examiner; que par La Declaration faitte Sous Serment par pierre Catien qui prouve Le Contraire de La Dénonciation de dubois Luy même Et faitte a D'autre pareille- ment* et nayant aucune preuve du Contraire nous Soussigné Juré En vertu de Lordre qui nous a Eté Donné par La Cour de Decider Laffaire de Brisson et D'engé nous n'avons trouvé auqu'ne preuve Suffisante pour Condanner Led* Brisson a auqu'ne Chose que se Soit Et que La Cour Condannera qui elle Jugera a propos aux frais Depends &c. 1 The clause '*El faitte a D*aittre pareillement" was not originally written by the clerk that way. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. The defendant declares that it is true that he said to the plaintiff, at a time when he had a quarrel with him up to the point of coming to blows, that he had made one die and that he wasn't going to make him. The "Et" is an insertion and after ** pareillement" a contraire was inserted and then crossed out. La Cour Setant rassemblé pour Examiner L'opinion Des Juré Si Dessu nomé president CW® Ducharme, J" B** Lacroix Clement Lenglois, ant. président Ch^* Ducharme clement Lenglois B*® Lacroix philipe Jervais près* a La demende de plusieurs personne de ce Village poiu: avoir Des permis pour aller ou Leurs petite affaires Les appellent, La Cour Sest assemble pour Ce Sujete et a décidé quil Sera donné Des permis a quelque personne d'une reputation et Caractère reconnu et quil Sera Défendu très Expressément a qui que Se Soit D'importer avec eux aucime Boison anivrente Et Donneront Cotion qui repondera de toute malversation de Leur par. COURT RECORD, OCTOBER, 1780 73 his Charles -f Buteau. Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. Bibliography 633 Index 639 ILLUSTRATIONS PAGE Old Documents Frontispiece Philippe François de Rastel, Chevalier de Roche- BLAVE XAVi Charles Gratiot 4 Facsimile of Recx)rd by Saucier, Clerk ... He further said that it is true that before the quarrel, which the said Dubois had had with the plaintiff, the former was in good health and that after that time he went to bed and never got up again and every one knew that. 3 As far as is known, this was the first jury trial in Illinois or the Northwest, certainly the first recorded one. Prenouvaux, Defendant The plaintiff sues the defendant on account of a difficulty betv^een them in regard to an exchange of a gim barrel, which he changed with the defendant in consideration of ûve livres in peltries to boot for the barrel and fifteen livres for making a stock for it; but since the defendant refused to pay him the five livres to which he agreed for the exchange, he had returned his gun barrel and demands that the defendant pay him for the stock, which he had made for the barrel, because he is not able to use it on another. Saucier Sa Pierre Gramon marque sa rap^ H- Gagné marque sa f. armant, tous quatre present Et ont Condanné et Condanne Le S*" augustin ange aux fraîx qui auront Eté fait, &c nayant pas produit Sufisante preuve Contre L'ataque quil a fait a alexis Brisson. pierre Gatien ayant prêté Serment Sur Le S Evangille de rien faire ni faire auqu'ne Chose Contraire aux Etat Et a Donné La personne de m^ fr trotier pour Cotion il Luy a Eté accordé im permis pour aller Dans Le mississipy ou Ses affaires La- pellent. Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. 26 Eovs E, OF François Saucier 284 Facsimile of Record by Labuxiere, Clerk 398 A£ap of tb:£ Country of the Illinois . In the fall of 1905, the trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library appointed an advisory commission to formulate a plan for the future publications of the Library. Pierre Gatient having appeared made oath on the Holy Gospels of Almighty God to tell the truth and said that it is true that Dubois told him that Brisson had given him a rap and that he had not struck him with his gim; and furthermore he had never siunmoned Fr. armant present Demendeur S*" ortis Défendeur S^ Henson Le demendeur poursuit Le déffendeur pour Des avances quil Luy a fait Suivant Ses obligation et Billet. The system of trial by jury was not introduced by the British government. The defendant says that he agreed to give the plaintiff only one ecu to boot. The Court being still assembled received the oath of the twelve jurors, who were named in accordance with the order of the Court of the 14th of the present month, to judge the case between Brisson and Angers. [Signed.] Sa Chi« Butau marque sa B** H- Lussier marque sa fr H- prenouvaux. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. On the recommendation of this commission it was determined that the Illinois Historical Collections should be continued and the volumes numbered consecutively, but also that series should be formed of the vdumes of the Collections devoted to the same historical period, such as the French, the British, the Virginia, etc. Saucier to tell him what the latter had deposed in the Court on his accoimt. Sauder made oath on the Holy Gospels of Almighty God and said that he had been summoned by M. Lonval and that, when he was at the house of the said Dubois, the latter told him that M. Le Deffendre repond par une Lettre adressé a la Cour que vue La Situation du tems il Demande pour dellay de Suspendre L'exécution Jusqua Noél prochain au défaut de quoy il Sofre a Sexecuter Luy même a Ce tems pour tout Dellay. Since both parties offered to take oath and they had no wit- nesses, the Court dismissed them, ordering each to pay half the costs and the plaintiff to lose half of what he demands for the gun stock. And they now demanded that the declara- tions, which were made, be read to them, and this was immediately done. In this edict Wilkins ga^e tht court of judicature, established by him in 1768, jurisdiction in criminal matters, but he said that the people were not sufficiently familiar with English law to permit trials by jurv. Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. The present volume is the first which has been published under this new plan and, as its tide shows, it is the first volume of the Virginia series. Alarie appeared on summons and, after having made oath, proved that he was not in Cahokia when the accident happened to Jean Racette. 30 ILLINOIS HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS vroit pas Etre Condanné a payer Cette Somme de trois Cent Livres, vue que led** Racette quoi que Laccident soit arrivé ches Luy Est tout a fait Etranger Et que Dans pareille Cas il Devoit Dépêcher quelqu'un pour avoyer chercher un chirugien pour Soulage un pauva malheureux, Sans être obligé D'en payer Les fraix. Brisson had been at his house and had struck him, had broken his gun on him and given him a kick in the side and that he had spit blood on account of the blow. Lionet having appeared made oath on the Holy Gospels of Almighty God and said that he was sent by the late Dubois to sununon M. H a Eté Décidé et accordé par La Cour que M^ Henson Donnera un bon et Sufissant Cotion a M^ ortis pour Ce quil Luy doit et aura un terme dici a Noél prochain pour tous Dellay a payer ce quil Luy doit Et a payer Les fraix Montant a douze Livres Dix Sols. After a careful examination they decided that the affi- davit of Pierre Gatient made imder oath proves the contrary of the accusation of Dubois himself which was made to others also; ^ and since there is no other proof to the contrary, they return this verdict: "We the undersigned jurors, in virtue of the order given us by the Court to decide the cause of Brisson and Angers, have not found any proof sufficient to condemn the said Brisson on any count whatsoever; and recommend that the Court con- demn whomever it judges proper to pay the costs etc." ' At Cahokia, September 21, 1780. Tha use of trial by jury in the courts of the county of Illinois was due to the influence of the Vix^ ginians.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. DONNKLLBY ft BONS COUPANT ILLINOIS STATE HISTORICAL LIBRARY BOARD OF TRUSTEES Edmund Janes James, President Mc Kendree Hypes Chamberlain, Vice-President George Nelson Black, Secretary Mrs. Had not a prior discovery of the manuscripts imposed this selection upon me, I should not have chosen to edit the records of Cahokia first; for, mteresting as is the picture of this frontier commimity which they present, the central movement within the count)' of Illinois is best traced at Elaskaskia, and as a collection, the records of that village would offer greater variety and interest. Gratiot had promised to pay the surgeon on condition that the named Parisien to whom the accident had happened, reimburse him what it cost therefor. une Requette présenté En Cour par pierre Roy Contre m^® Courville, pour quil luy Soit Défendu vendre auqu'un biens fonds, qu'après avoir fait faire invantaire. La Court othaurise Led* Sieur pierre roy a faire un assemblé de parens et damis pour faire invantaire Des biens Delessé par feux Courville Et quil Sera fait un partage Egal Des biens. Saucier that Brisson had beaten him and he feared that he would not recover. Le déffendeur produit un Billet par Lequelle Led* bellan prie M*" Sanfaçon de remettre a Joseph relle Le Billet Dont il etoit Chargé.

Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. Jessie Palmer Weber, Librarian ADVISORY COMMISSION Ev ARTS Bou TELL Greene, Chairman James Alton James Henry Johnson ♦ Edward Carleton Page Charles Henry Rammelkamp Edwin Erle Sparks * RESXGNBD SEPTSMBBR, X906 CONTENTS PAGE I. Stray Leaves from the Court of the Committee of Cahokia .... Record of Court Established by George Rogers Clark 4 V. 12 VIL Record of the Court of the District of Cahokia 22 VIII Extract from the Registers of the Magistracy of Cahokia . How rich is the material, which still remains to be published, may be readily seen from the Introduction. Entre ma^® veuve Courville Et son fils, Et quil sera Elu un tuteur. f saucier Greffier f trottier a une Court Du 1 7 xbre. The Court decided that, on account of the depositions which have been made against the said plantiff, he shall be appre- . Gratiot who requests the Court not to terminate any cause against him before his return. Saucier bearer of one of his notes prayed the Court for a 68 ILLINOIS ffl STORICAL COLLECTIONS une Saisi provisionaire Sur tous Les Bien dud* Sieur Gratiot. La Cour ne pouvant pas Condanner Led* Joseph relie a payer Led* Billet a Condanner Le demendeur a rendre au Dé- fendeur Son Billet montant a la Somme de Soixante Livres en pelleterie, et a garder Le billet que bellant Luy écrit pour avoir Son recours Sur Luy Comme Le dit billet Etoit passe a Son ordre et Le Demandeur a payer Douze Livres Dix Sols pour fraix.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Act of Virginia Assembly Creating County of Illinois .... There will be foimd in this volume many new interpretations of past events as well as descriptions of those which have been hitherto unknown, the result of a careful comparison of sources, frequently used by previous writers, and a study of much new material recently discovered. ou Etoit présent Messieurs Charle Gratiot Michel Beaulieu B**^ Saucier pierre martin Et ant Girardin, tous Cinq Majestrat de Lad**e au Credit des Etat quil Espère que Ce village cy suivant La Capa- cité Des habitant Voudront bien fournir quelque provision tel que L*on fait les habitant des autre villages. COURT RECORD, JANUARY, 1780 35 At a Court, December 17,1779. hended, arrested and put in prison in order that within a week he should give greater proofs to the contrary of that with which he has been accused, in default of which there shall be held a meeting of jurors to decide his case. Si il nest pas de retour dans Dix Jour de Cette datte. Saucier appres Les dix Jour Expire La saisie provisionaire Suivant sa Demande. COURT RECORD, SEPTEMBER, 1780 69 provisional attachment on all the goods of the said M.

Maintain attribution The Google "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. In writing the history of these years I have felt very like a pioneer and later researches may not uphold all my conclusions. La Court a représenté au Colonel quelle avoit Déjà Eté in- formé des plainte porté contre Sieur henson, et quil ny avoit auq*- une Chose qui le regardoit Dans Les plainte porté Contre luy et quil sestoit justifié pour le Contraire. Gratiot, if he has not retumec^ within ten days from this date. Saucier the provisional attachment after the expiration of ten days, in accordance with his prayer.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. .-• ••.•, • • ' • * COLLECTIONS OF THE ILLINOIS STATE HISTORICAL LIBRARY VOLUME II VIRGINIA SERIES. I CAHOKIA RECORDS 1778-1790 EDITED WITH INTRODUCTION AND NOTES BY CLAREI^CE WALWORTH ALVORD UNIVERSITY OP ILLINOIS r ^ ^ V Published by the Trustees of the ILLINOIS STATE HISTORICAL LIBRARY SPRINGFIELD, ILLINOIS 1907 Copyright 1907 BY The Illinois State Historical Library • m m » • m • • • : ! The work has been done with the sources before me, however, and no important statement has been made without a careful sifting of the evidence as offered by the pri- ix X ILLINOIS HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS mary witnesses. La Court a Consenty quil 1 Colonel Montgomery was at this time in command of the forces in Illinois and was sta- tioned at Kaskaskia. The Court adjourned to Thursday, the 2 ist of the ciurent month.

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