North korea and usa dating

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Inside the apartment, they showed where the resident had been photographed with Kim Jong-un and Kim Jong-il.

Here are the photos on the wall: Here is a blow up of the lower-center picture: Surprisingly, I recognized this picture.

It is from Kim Jong-il’s and Kim Jong-un’s guidance trip to the Jagang Machine Plant on 2011-4-8.

Here is the official photo as it appeared in the media at the time: In this lower photo, the three individuals wearing grey coats are (from left to right) Jang Song-thaek, Kim Jong-un, and Kim Jong-il. I wonder how many photos have been altered to remove Jang Song-thaek?

In the photo above (hanging on the wall of the apartment on Mirae Street) there are only two people wearing grey coats: Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un. Also, I wonder how many apartments on Mirae Scientists Street are dedicated to the machine plant industry.

DPRK is indeed a fascinating destination with a very beautiful culture and ancient history. Isn’t the US primarily a service economy that fulfills it’s industrial needs getting very cheap workforce from other parts of the world like Haiti, Bangladesh, which workers work in awful conditions and barely have enough to live? There is ‘potential’ there with factories etc, although it isn’t using its potential when all budget is granted to the military and nuclear.NOTE: this page is not politically biased nor am I writing on behalf of someone or any government. The reasons why I enjoyed my time in North Korea are immense – the same way I have many reasons to enjoy all the other more than 120 countries I have visited. Too many people go there for a jolly holiday without looking at the bigger picture and the means from which we need to learn and spread awareness and put our hands up and say ‘this is the cover, and I saw a little of the truth, but not all’.DPRK cities were heavily bombed and turned to rubble by the US during the Korean War, so most of the infrastructure in the country is built in a socialist Soviet architecture style, also called as Socialist Classicism or Stalinist architecture. That’s not being critical of North Korea, that’s shedding light on what is going on here and how travel here isn’t the norm.Some buildings were done in Korean architecture style as well. North Korea has become a bucket list item, and a ‘fun thing’ to tick off the list.As in many countries in the world, cities are more developed than countryside villages. I, for one, will never, ever forget my time there…but I will never grant it ‘amazing’ status.

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