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Nathan Jay “Nate” Berkus (born September 17, 1971) is an American interior designer and former daytime television host.

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“I sort of have reached a stage with that [ tragedy ] where I do still reflect on it quite frequently, but I tend to reflect more on who I’ve become and what I’ve learned since that day,’ Berkus said.

‘I would never wish for that to happen; I would never wish for anyone to experience what I experienced, the personal loss I experienced with Fernando dying and also witnessing what I witnessed, including the deaths of so many.

But the truth is, the lessons that I’ve learned from that changed me so profoundly as a person, thus I wouldn’t recognize myself before the tsunami.” “When you go through a life-altering experience, you can come out [ of it ] in one of two ways.

You can come out as a stronger version of the person you were before, or you can let it destroy you.

Even through my grief, and truly for the first time ever understanding what grief was, I knew on some level that I would make myself a better person as a result of that, that it wouldn’t be the one thing in my life that defined me.

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