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Shocker: Sorry to hear about your difficulties attempting to make your first bondage film. Next up on the playlist is a fun little claymation piece involving cannibalism and a naked bound and gagged victim. Hello, Here is some clarifications and such about my site, sales, etc. Because the evil credit card companies want to censor what you can purchase, nicheclips was established 6 years or so to help our "necro-fetish" community survive by creating a pre-funded payment system.Unfortunately, you're just getting a small taste of the hardships that today's bondage producers face every day. (See link above.) It's fun in a cheesy and fake way (bad acting, no whip marks, no sweat). It has had years to become well established so many folks that are my regular customers are used to the initial delay of setting up an account and sending in a payment by Pony Express, er, I mean USPS.The laws put in place by the Bush administration were designed to make you want to quit..the fear of prosecution on possible obscenity violations have made filmmakers intentionally sanitize their content or not attempt to film certain types of material at all. There's a hot bit around the mark where the victim gets her tits squeezed and bites her own arm in a spasm of pain, reminiscent of the flogging scene in "The Viking Queen."Sardu: Great video, my former master. Once your account is funded, purchases are instant.The good thing is that the climate is not as dire politically as it was when Bush was in office, but Texas has been and always will be a conservative state. After a while, new (faster) funding options will mysteriously appear, but are not to be asked about or discussed on a forum.

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I can post 2 archive movies a week, so it is first come first serve.

The place to find a complete, search-able listing of all my movies is my main website: For privacy reasons, I have made access to the site dependent on joining my forum.

Once you join my forum, a topic will appear that contains the access link.

Please, never post the access link on an open forum.

I do this because I hire a lot of local models and it adds a layer of anonymity to them and makes them feel more comfortable when they know the site is not open for view by just anyone.

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