Frustrating waiting for call dating

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When you decide to wait until marriage to have sex, you’re inviting a whirlwind of emotions onto yourself.

Your journey will take years, and during those years you are going to experience several different attitudes towards your decision to wait until marriage.

Some of these attitudes are good and will reaffirm your decision to wait; other attitudes are poisonous and will peck away at your resolve.

It’s important that you be aware of these poisonous attitudes and how to combat them.

I call these poisonous attitudes the 7 Deadly Sins of Waiting Till Marriage. Sometimes it feels like you’re the only sexually virtuous person in the world. Your pride mixes with your loneliness and turns into spite. The less people that do; the less chances you have of finding somebody else who shares your values.

So you take it as an affront to everything you hope for when somebody flaunts their pre-marital sexuality.

Note that this feeling of spite and quick-to-condemn mentality usually crops up when you first make the decision to wait until marriage.

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But the more you focus on how different everybody else is from you, the more alone and hopeless you’re going to feel.Plus, focusing solely on the saving-it-for-marriage factor makes you bless everybody who’s in the club and damn everybody who’s not…that’s not always the most accurate and productive approach.Your spite and condemnation will quickly make your social circle small, and ultimately it will consume you too.Plus, sooner or later, you’re going to call somebody a whore who didn’t deserve it, and you’re going to feel crappy. As you get older you get less bitter, partially because your only other choice would be to be bitter at pretty much everyone around you (since most people don’t wait).You grow less invested in seeing everybody wait until marriage…you think of it more as your own thing that is separate from the decisions of others.

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