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Celebrities are always followed around by the paparazzi where they try to catch a glimpse of their lives to capture in their cameras.For this reason, most of them try to keep their private life separate from their professional life.However, sometimes the celebs decide to bring something very personal in front of the media because they feel it's better to reveal secrets themselves rather than have a distorted version of it appear on some glamor magazine.Kesha thinks that love is an emotion that does not depend on any gender and that it is the personality of the person that attracts her.

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Michael had always been open about his sexuality and never felt ashamed to accept it.However, after he admitted it in media there were several occasions where he was made fun of.This led him to not speaking about it and keeping everything else private. Vanessa describes to tell the world about her sexuality in a grand manner and pretty soon everyone was talking about it.She announced at the Nashville Pride Festival, in front of 18,000 that she is a proud bisexual woman. Unlike the other celebrities, Frank decided to write an open letter to the world in order to tell the world about his sexuality.He wrote about his relationship with a guy when he was nineteen years old and how the relationship was.

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    The stereotype that older men are usually attracted to much younger women may not fully reflect reality, a new study suggests.

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    The New York Post's Page Six reports that Georgina Bloomberg started dating the TV journalist earlier this summer, and that's backed up by romantic pictures the alleged couples have posted to Instagram in recent days.

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