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a term used to define someone who is stuck in a cycle of endless stupidity when it comes to making decisions. sally: so i went back to my boyfriend again…joe: are you stuck in stupid?A Hollywood marriage, often understood to be a glamorous high-class society marriage between Hollywood celebrities.It is rumored that Hollywood stars are those who rush in and out of love as well as of marriage; therefore, such a phenomenon is understandable in the entertainment world.Amazement can be made from the time of their wedding to the time when they split up.There are lots of reasons for celebrities to separate; however, it can not be well explained why there are such incredibly short-lived marriages such as the 55-hour-lived marriage between Britney Spears and Jason Allen Alexander.Let\'s take a look at the list of the shortest-lived Hollywood celebrity marriages as follows.The marriage life of the bombshell Pamela Anderson and the musician Kid Rock lasted just 5 months. 4 months after, Pamela decided to split up without giving a reason The shocking marriage between the Princess of Pop- Britney Spears and her childhood friend Jason Allen Alexander only lasted for 55 hours.They became a couple after spending a wild night in Las Vegas with their friends The marriage between the talented man Dennis Hopper and the beautiful singer Michelle Phillip was among his short-lived marriages.

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