Consolidating your windows vmware environment storage

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Snapshots in VMware v Sphere often cause various problems with configurations and performance, unless they are properly used – for live backup of virtual machines and temporary keeping VM configuration before the update.

However, using them in large infrastructures is unavoidable.

At some point you may need to delete/consolidate virtual machine snapshots (Delete All button in Snapshot Manager), which is quite time-consuming and demanding in terms of storage performance.

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In order to do it, only one test virtual machine with the snapshots should remain on the storage.Other machines can be temporarily removed from with v Motion/Storage v Motion.Thus, knowing your read/record performance parameters, as well as the size of snapshots and consolidation time of the test case, you can evaluate snapshots consolidation time for other virtual machines (however, of nearly identic disk subsystem load profile).This is a subtle process that can be used to evaluate snapshot time by monitoring the vmx process, which performs operations with snapshot in server memory. 10 years ago he built #1 website on virtualization in Russia.Alex runs his own virtualization-focused company VMC.

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