Calpernia addams dating show

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Calpernia Addams and I have been playing email tag for about two weeks.So when my cell phone rings while at dinner on a recent Monday I excuse myself, grab a pad and pen, and hop over to a counter overlooking Detroit Ave. On the phone, Addams is quick to apologize for any inconvenience.

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And Addams reluctantly stepped into the national spotlight.Addams told David France in a 2000 New York Times Magazine cover story that she was devastated, even blamed herself for Winchell's murder.“The reason he was killed was because he was dating me.That makes it even more devastating, to think that I had played some role in it.” The events of how Addams and Winchell met -- at Connections, a Nashville gay bar which included drag shows where she performed -- his murder and subsequent trial were dramatized in Showtime's Soldier's Girl.But today Addams is bright and only makes a passing aside to her past as we discuss her current projects.

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