Accomodating autistic student in homework assignments

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I need ideas…does my child need for…can help my child with….

How many times have you asked yourself these questions? I’ve received many, many reader requests for a list of SDIs or strategies.

You want ideas to submit to the IEP team, but you just don’t know where to start. I hope this list of printable SDIs, strategies and accommodations for an IEP or 504 is helpful. It is anything specific and unique to your child–determined by their areas of need, to help them access their education.

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Many of their strategies overlap with what I’ve already put here, but just in case you wanted more, you got it.

Individualized accommodations are put into place to help learners at risk and students with special needs to have success in their IEP or academic program.

Typically, accommodations are listed in the student's IEP.

Here is a list of suggestions for accommodations for a variety of disabilities: Be selective when determining the accommodations that will best help the student.

If the accommodations don't work after a specified period of time, try something else.

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